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Your responsibilities: dreaming up the most badass event you can think of, then showing up. Our responsibilities: making it happen.

Our event planning packages are designed to provide you with an effortless experience. Event planning typically begins 6 months to one year prior to your event, and your role in the planning process can be as hands-off as you’d like. Our team will take care of budget management and allocation, vendor vetting and hiring, logistics, decor sourcing, design, contracts, and absolutely everything in between. When your event date rolls around, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Included in our Planning + Coordinating packages are services on the day of your event, meaning we’ll take care of set-up and all event coordination responsibilities the day of. Your job? Relax, enjoy, and trust that we’ve got it in the bag.

Planning + Coordination Package | $4,810

For more information on our planning packages, submit an inquiry by clicking the button below!


Day-of Coordination packages are the perfect fit for those who’ve planned their event but want to enjoy their day free of hassle and stress. For one month prior to the date of your event, your Day-Of Coordinator will work with you to iron out the final details of your day, review your plans, logistics, timelines, and contracts, and ensure you have everything in order.

On the day of your event, your Coordinator will serve as your personal event wizard. They’ll know your day inside and out, forward and backward. They’ll decorate, orchestrate, and communicate. In a nutshell, your Day-Of Coordinator will be there to make shit happen, so you can show up, enjoy your event, and trust that it’s all taken care of.

We offer Day-Of Coordination packages to fit events of all sizes …

Micro Wedding Day-Of Coordinator Package | 16-50 attendees | $940

Small Wedding Coordinating | 51-99 attendees | $1,195

Day-Of Coordinator Package | 100+ attendees | $1,440

For more information on our coordinating packages, click the button below!



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Your event deserves all the Wow-Factor in the world, and this is where it happens. When it comes to floral services, BG Events & Designs specializes strictly in installation pieces. Floral installations are jaw-dropping, large-scale floral structures designed to bring an entirely customized element of art to your event.

Whether it be a decorated arbor, free-standing pillar, a hanging chandelier, a mantle piece, or anything in-between, if you can dream it up, we can make your floral installation a reality. We have countless ideas beyond the above examples, and we’re thrilled to help you create something for your event.

Pricing Note: ALL floral setups are dependent upon the time of year, types of florals, availability, and prices at the time of ordering. Pricing will vary throughout the year and per individual event set-ups, but work our hardest to provide our clients with the best prices. Hours for set-up/installation and cost of flowers are taken into consideration when invoicing your services and will be invoiced & due the month of your event.

If you’re ready to get started and get an estimated cost evaluation, click the button below!


If you have a vision, but don’t have the time or know-how to bring it to life, or if decorating simply is not your cup of tea, you can trust BG Events and Designs to take care of all your decorating details.

Our Custom Decorating packages come in a variety of forms depending on your needs. Whether you just need some assistance setting up the decor you’ve provided, or you want help sourcing, curating, setting up, and tearing down, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is send us your inspiration photos, and we’ll make it happen.

Our Custom Decorating packages are all individually tailored to your needs. We’ll work with you to determine which services will best suit your requirements and budget!

Packages starting at $280

If you’re ready to get started and get an estimated cost evaluation, submit an inquiry via the button below!



Love to plan but not sure where to start? Have a million ideas and a Pinterest board the size of Australia, but unsure how to tie it all together? This service is for you!

You choose the number of calls, and we (BG Events & Designs staff) will discuss with you the event design, ideas, flow, logistics, or any questions/concerns you have for your planning process. We’re here to make your planning process as stress-free as possible!

Starting at $60 per call (up to an hour in length)

The sustainable, affordable, stress-free option for your event. BG Events & Designs has a full inventory of items you can rent for your next event — from table runners to greenery chandeliers and everything in-between. Rentals are a fantastic way to give your event the luxury look you’re dreaming of, without the luxury bill!

Check out our rental inventory here, and if you're ready to start a rental order with us, click the button below!

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