Show Up & Pop The Question

You have one of the biggest questions to ask your significant other...BUT do you have the details planned and coordinated?

Where? When? How? Do you have decorations to help set the mood? Would you like to capture this moment in time? Who is going to set this up? How do you do this without tipping off your person? Do Not Worry...This package is for you!!!

We have teamed up with some amazing local vendors. We will plan & coordinate, decorate and have a professional photographer (hidden) on-site to capture the amazing one-of-a-kind moment you and your significant other create!  

Package range between $450 - $850+

(We can add on anything additional that isn't already covered!)


Perfectly Coordinated

You have done it! Your wedding is 90% planned and you're trying to figure out how you get to fully enjoy your wedding day without the hassles that present themselves the day of the wedding! 

With this package really being a "month of coordinator", BG Events and Designs will come in, coordinate all your moving pieces (vendors, decor, etc...) as well as handle ALL the “day of” items! We will take away the added stress, hassles, headaches and last minute muck that comes up so you, your fiancé, your friends & family can all FULLY enjoy the special day you have planned! 

Package starting at $960


Intimate and Cozy

Want a smaller, more intimate wedding? Maybe looking to elope? This package is just for you! 

Weddings under 100 guests, or full elopement style, or somewhere in between...let BG Events and Designs help you plan, coordinate and/or decorate according to your needs + wants keeping your desires in mind!

Package starting at $620


Stunning and Memorable

This package is for those who want to be part of the planning process but you want some advice + guidance. Let BG Events and Designs help you where you need it. We will work with you from the start, come up with a game plan and coordinate all the moving parts. We will then make that your wedding is planned but you have someone to coordinate your day so you can sit back and enjoy!

Package starting at $2,480


Create Perfection

This package will consist of what you truly need. Take our Partial Planning + Coordinating Package and amp it up! We will work through your exact needs and get those added into the perfect package for your wedding. We want to help make your life stress-free throughout the planning process.

Package price TBD as we will customize additional needs on top of our Partial Planning + Coordination to create the perfect package for you!