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Perfectly Coordinated

You have done it! Your wedding is 90% planned and you're trying to figure out how you get to fully enjoy your wedding day without the hassles that present themselves the day of the wedding! 

We have multiple Day of Coordinator packages to fit your wedding size:

Micro Weddings 16-50 attendees

Small Weddings 51-99 attendees

All other weddings: 100+ attendees 

Micro Wedding Coordinating starts at $940

Small Wedding Coordinating starts at $1,195

Day of Coordinator starts at $1,440

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Stunning and Memorable

This package is for those who want to be part of the planning process but you want some advice + guidance. Let BG Events and Designs help you where you need it. We will work with you from the start, come up with a game plan and coordinate all the moving parts. We will then make that your wedding is planned but you have someone to coordinate your day so you can sit back and enjoy!

Package starting at $4,810

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It's All In The Details

Trust BG Events and Designs to take care of all your decorating details!

We have many ways of doing this for our clients! Do you need someone to set up what you bring, we can do that!

Want someone to curate, source, bring, set up and and tear down the decor...all you have to do is send us your inspiration photos, we can do that too!

Need something in the middle...we will work with you on what makes the most sense! 

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Stunning and Memorable

Our floral services are here to give you that WOW moment at your event. We strictly handle installation pieces that draw your eye to that magical set up at your event. 

Whether that is a decorated arbor, a couple floral stand, a hanging chandelier of greenery and/or floral, a mantle piece we are here for it! We have ideas that go beyond the examples listed above and cannot wait to create something at your event! 

**PRICE: ALL floral set ups are dependent on time of year, types of floral, available floral from vendors and prices at the time of ordering. Pricing WILL vary throughout the year and per each individual event set ups but we do our very best to get you the best price for your event! Hours for set up/creation and cost of flowers is taken into consideration when invoicing your services and will be invoiced & due the week of your event.

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